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Inshore, Near Shore, and Offshore - Fly Fishing or Light Tackle Charters 

St. Simons Island, Jekyll Island, Sea Island, Brunswick, and Coastal Georgia have great year around fishing action and proof of that can be found just below on our reports page.  Southeastern Angling's guides have reports that go back 10+ years so sit back and enjoy what our full time guides have to say.  Fishing trips are offered year around for experienced and beginning anglers.  Don't leave just catching fish leave learning to be a better angler from one of our pro's. 

Fishing Reports From

  • Brunswick Georgia
  • St Simons Island
  • Jekyll Island
  • Sea Island
  • Little St. Simons Island
  • Cumberland Island
  • Sapelo Island 
  • Darien
  • Amelia Island Florida
  • St. Augustine Florida 
  • The Florida Keys


  • All gear & lures are provided.
  • Ice, water and bait are included.
  • Georgia fishing license is provided.
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Georgia Fishing - January 20th

Georgia Fishing - January 20th

The water is so clear I feel like I'm in the Bahama's!! Guiding the last several weeks has been a very special treat for me and my clients. Sunny skies, crystal clear water, light winds, and happy fish have made for some of the best sight fishing I have seen. 
Fish have charged flies from 5 feet away, fought over gurgles, eaten flies before they even seem to hit the water and sucked in and out flies 3,4 and 5 times before either realizing they were not edible or been hooked. It's all been awesome to watch and be a part of. 

It all started with Ben Austin and I leaving the dock while it was 26 degree's. Yes 26 degree's! Water from the cooler was frozen in the floor of the boat and the salt spray froze to our paint legs. We stopped at a flat just a few hundred yards from the ramp. The wind was blowing straight down the flat and the water was muddy. I decided to run to a spot where the wind would be blocked. We arrived to find calm, crystal clear water alive with tailing fish and wading birds. As we poled toward a school of tailing fish Ben cast at a single fish ahead of the school. The fish exploded on the fly and the fight began. As we backed away from the school another fish charged in thinking there was food to be had. We landed the fish and met the bottom of the low we continued to catch fish. As it turned in the black drum headed to the skinniest water they could physically swim in. We watch time and time again as they swam with half of their bodies out of the water. We cast crab patterns in front of them and watched as they pounced them like kittens do bugs in the yard. This day we thought was going to turn out bad warmed up and the wind died off. It turned into the best day Ben and I have shared on the water together.

Captain Scott Owens
Jekyll Island Fishing
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