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Coastal Georgia is a fly fishing dream with quiet flats that receive minimal pressure. Chase schools of redfish, jacks, spanish, and tarpon or cast at triple tail, sharks, and trout along the St Simons Island Georgia coast. Inshore fishing in St Simons Island Georgia is world class year around.
  • All gear & lures are provided.
  • Ice, water and bait are included.
  • Fishing license is provided at no cost
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Lake Chickamauga Fishing Report

I told everyone that I would give you a fishing report of our day bass fishing on Lake Chickamuaga with bass fishing guide, Eric Welch.  I met Eric Welch at 5:30 in the morning and we hit the road to get on the lake early.  We were unsure of how the fishing would be since we were going to be fishing following a front.  Blue skies and warm temperatures were in the forecast and generally this time of year that can call for tough bass fishing conditions.  Presently surprised we had a great day.  Boating over 30 bass for the day.


Bass Fishing Lake Chickamauga in August

Water temperatures measured 75 degrees in the morning and reached into the upper 80s by the end of the day.  It was an exciting day with us catching many different species on our fishing excursion.  I joked with Eric saying, “We caught the super warm-water species slam”.  That day we caught Largemouth Bass, Spotted Bass, Smallmouth Bass, Yellow Bass, Freshwater Drum, and Channel Catfish.  We obviously weren’t targeting all these species but it goes to show you how diverse and healthy Lake Chickamauga is.  It is without a doubt the place you want to go if you want to catch fish.

lake_chickamauga_smallmouth bass_fishing_guide_eric-welch

Not only is this lake great for conventional fishing but it’s a wonderful place to break out your fly fishing gear.  Another great thing about Lake Chickamauga is you can always find a hump close to the channel and spoon fish if the fishing is a little slow.

bass_fishing_with_spoon bass_fishing_trips_lake-chickamauga

freshwater_drum_1 chickamauga_lake_catfish

To say the least we are really excited about our clients spending a day with us on Lake Chickamauga.  This fall is going to bring some awesome topwater fishing as well and we encourage everyone to call ahead to book a trip in October and November since they’re both going to be busy guide months.


Eric Welch, with a nice Largemoth Bass on Chickamauga


Eric Welch's 21' Bullet Bass Boat

We’re ready to guide you on your next bass trip.  Give us a call at 770-330-7583 or visit our website to book a trip online.

Keep it Reel,

Capt. Kent Klewein
Reel Job Fishing, LLC

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