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St Simons Island Fishing

St Simons Island Fishing Package

Coastal Georgia is a fly fishing dream with quiet flats that receive minimal pressure. Chase schools of redfish, jacks, spanish, and tarpon or cast at triple tail, sharks, and trout along the St Simons Island Georgia coast. Inshore fishing in St Simons Island Georgia is world class year around.
  • All gear & lures are provided.
  • Ice, water and bait are included.
  • Fishing license is provided at no cost
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Barrel Swivels Are Golden!

Do you ever have problems with your leader twisting up badly when streamer or popper fishing?  I’ve started using really small barrel swivels to eliminate this problem.  They work excellent.  My favorite model is the 10/0 Tsunami Nickel Barrel Swivel for its small size, strength, and durability.

For my streamer fishing I tie a 3-4 inch section of 30lb. Fluorocarbon from my Sinking or Floating line to my swivel, then attach the leader to the fly.


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When I’m fishing with poppers I choose to attach the barrel swivel about 14-16″ in front of the fly.  Poppers are notorious for leader twisting especially when your using smaller tippet.  Best of all you don’t waste leaders because all you have to do is change out the tippet from the swivel to the fly.


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Capt. Kent Klewein

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